Journalism Courses

Do you have a natural curiosity about the world around you? Do you like to ask questions, learn new things and meet people from all walks of life? Do you want a job that’s dynamic, stimulating and fast-paced? Journalism may be the field for you.  

The SRJC Journalism Program aims to teach students how to write and edit articles and create photos and multimedia content for print and online publications. Students can take a wide range of classes from beginning and advanced journalism to multimedia reporting and magazine article writing and production. The program offers hands-on instruction to help students build a variety of journalism-related skills. 

Journalism classes schedule 

Note : There are no journalism classes offered in Summer

Journalism course outlines 

Journalism course homepages
JOUR 1 Introduction to Journalism
JOUR 2 News Gathering and News Writing
JOUR 52A Newspaper Practice 1
JOUR 52B Newspaper Practice 2
JOUR 52C Newspaper Practice 3
JOUR 52D Newspaper Practice 4
JOUR 54 Magazine Article Writing
JOUR 55 Multimedia Reporting
JOUR 56 Editing for News Media
JOUR 59 Photojournalism