Communication Studies Courses

Communication Studies courses cover both communication and speech skills. They are designed to teach students how to navigate the world of communications in groups, intercultural settings, interpersonal relationships, organizations, and society. "Comm" courses provide instruction in group dynamics, problem solving, interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and communication theory. These courses weave together theory and practice in interesting and helpful ways.

Speech courses are designed to prepare students for public presentations and debates of all types. Among the speech offerings, hybrid and online courses supplement already diverse curricula, giving students alternate ways of learning material and practicing concepts.

Classes scheduled for Summer 2020

Class scheduled for Fall 2020
Classes scheduled for Spring 2021

Communication Studies course homepages:

COMM 1 Introduction to Public Speaking
COMM 2 Introduction to Oral Interpretation
COMM 3 Introduction to Argumentation
COMM 5 Group Discussion and Problem Solving
COMM 6 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 7 Intercultural Communication
COMM 9 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
COMM 10 Introduction to Communication Studies
COMM 51A Practical Experience in Public Speaking
COMM 60 Communication Skills

COMM 49 Independent Study in Communication Studies
COMM 98 Independent Study in Communication Studies