AS in Digital Journalism

The Journalism: Digital major provides students with an introduction to and skills in digital journalism and provides hands-on preparation for entry-level work in web journalism and/or an overlay of digital skills for recent journalism graduates and seasoned print journalists.

Program Student Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the major, students will be able to: 


  • Develop, create, report, research and produce technically well-executed news and feature stories for the web and/or broadcast news using combinations of text, images, audio, video and social media.
  • Use new website, audio and video software systems to produce multimedia stories.
  • Write news and feature stories on print and web deadlines using foundational journalism skills such as developing story ideas, conducting research, interviewing sources, and applying proper grammar and Associated Press Style.
  • Exercise news judgment and apply knowledge of online journalism ethical, legal and content issues to real-life situations.
  • Analyze and evaluate multimedia stories for content, aesthetics and technical quality.


Journalism: Digital (AS) Communications Studies Total Units: 29

Associate Degree Requirements:

Please note that all of the following requirements must be met in order for the degree to be conferred:
Program Requirements:

The requirements for the Journalism: Digital program are:

  • Complete 29 units from
    • Journalism: Digital Core Requirements
    • Journalism: Digital Elective Requirement
    • Information Learning Resources Requirement


Journalism: Digital Core Requirements - complete 17.00 units
Course Description Units
JOUR 1/1L Introduction to Journalism 3.50
JOUR 2/2L  News Gathering and News Writing 3.50
JOUR 52A  Newspaper Practice 1 3.00
JOUR 5  Digital Storytelling 4.00
JOUR 56         Editing for News Media                                                          3.00
Journalism: Digital Elective Requirement - complete 9.00 units
Course Description Units
Complete any combination totaling at least 11.00 units from the following:
ART 82  Beginning Digital Photography 3.00
CS 57.11 Social Media, the Internet and Society 3.00
CS 74.11 Introduction to Digital Media 3.00
CS 74.22 Digital Video Post-Production 3.00
CS 76.11 Drone Piloting and Imaging 3.00
ENGL 4A Beginning Creative Writing 3.00
JOUR 52B  NewsMedia Practice 2 5.00
JOUR 52C NewsMedia Practice 3 5.00
JOUR 59 Photojournalism 3.00
MEDIA 20  Introduction to Digital Filmmaking 4.00
MEDIA 19 Multi-Camera Studio Production 4.00
MEDIA 18  Audio for Film Production 3.00
Information Learning Resources Requirement - complete 1.00 units
Course Description Units
Complete 1.00 units from the following:
LIR 10  Introduction to Information Literacy 1.00