Communication Studies Homepage

SRJC's Communication Studies Department offers one of the most diversified instructional programs of any similar academic unit in the country. We pride ourselves on our outstanding students and faculty whose dedication and achievements continue to maintain the department's instructional excellence demonstrated over the years.

Communications Studies offers students courses in all areas of communication, including Film, Speech, Media, Journalism, and Television.

Our Film classes include the History of Film, the Form of Film, and many other courses for students exploring this creative field. In addition to Speech classes that range from group discussions and oral interpretation to basic public speaking, students can join one of the most successful speech and debate teams in the country that regularly competes on state and national levels. Media and Journalism courses focus on the effects of mass media on society, how to edit video for television production, and writing for magazines and newspapers. Journalism prides itself in our award-winning student newspaper, the Oak Leaf, and Television courses top off our offerings with classes in production, theory, and much more.

We invite you to explore SRJC's dynamic Communications Studies program, and are confident that when you enroll you will find your experience very rewarding!