Speech Classes

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Speech courses are designed to prepare students for public presentations and debates of all types. Among the speech offerings, hybrid and online courses supplement already diverse curricula, giving students alternate ways of learning material and practicing concepts.

Speech classes scheduled for Summer and Fall 2017
Speech classes scheduled for Spring 2018

Speech course outlines for Summer 2017
Speech course outlines for Fall 2017
Speech course outlines for Spring 2018

Speech course homepages
SPCH 1A Introduction to Public Speaking
SPCH 2 Introduction to Oral Interpretation
SPCH 3A Introduction to Argumentation
SPCH 9 Critical Thinking and Argumentation
SPCH 52A Forensics 1 (SRJC Speech Team)
SPCH 52B Forensics 2 (SRJC Speech Team)
SPCH 52C Forensics 3 (SRJC Speech Team)
SPCH 52D Forensics 4 (SRJC Speech Team)
SPCH 60 Communication Skills