Starting in Spring 2020 the Dept. will offer COMM 51A/B. This class will prepare any student who is interested in advancing their speaking skills to a higher level, to address a much wider variety of venues and situations.  This class will help you practice your speaking skills and polish your presentations.


From producing podcasts to delivering political speeches, work trainings and educational lessons, COMM 51 will teach you how to address varied community audiences while earning credits.  


Whether you are interested in speaking up with more conviction in large classes, taking the microphone at a public meeting, sharing your opinion at your local community or PTA meeting, addressing a crowd at a student event, a rally or a march, or simply becoming a confident and accomplished speaker in any setting, this class is appropriate for you.

If you are

  • Trainers/Athletes

  • Members of Armed Forces/Veteran

  • First Responders

  • Active in PTA/K-12 Education

  • Training  people at work

  • Community Activists


This class will help develop your skills while earning credit. You’ll also learn about the many different contexts in which communication is used for advocacy

Some of the additional future activities planned include:


Participating in local public speaking opportunities in the community;


Creating and disseminating online speeches and debates through Podcasts;


Assisting local high school Speech and Debate teams;


Facilitating and delivering speeches for SRJC Speech Night;


Conducting public debates on campus regarding current events.


Those students interested in debate are also invited to contact the college Speech and Debate Club. If you have further questions about the class and class content please contact:


Laura Ainsworth, Instructor, Forensics


Jennifer O’Mahony, Administrative Asst. Communication Studies 707 527-4238